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Plant Mechanics LED Fuel

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Ripening fuel for flavour and potency when using LED lighting or full-spectrum PAR light.

What is LED FUEL?

LED FUEL is a proprietary formula of nanoparticles and biochemicals to enhance photosynthetic efficiency.
LED Fuel allows crops to utilise full spectrum wavelength frequencies and complete photon energy.
A combination of botanical extracts that will improve yield, resin and flavour production, enhance trichome structure, density and overall potency.

Why use LED FUEL?

  • FROST: Boost Trichomes Plant biochemicals and glucose derivatives dramatically increase trichome production and potency.
  • AROMA: Improved Terpenes Fragrances are enhanced with improved terpene, flavonoid and aromatic compound production.
  • FLAVOUR: Enhanced Flavours & Colour Traditional Japanese Flower extract increases the natural flavours and pigment (flower colour) in floral buds.

How to use LED FUEL?


  • 2ml per L (Final 5 Weeks of Flower Cycle)