We stock all the leading hydroponics brands: H&G, Canna, Mills, Green Planet, Professors Nutrients, Cyco, Nutrifield,  Bio Diesel, Rock, Hy-Gen, Dutch Fest, Flairform, Green House, Grodan, Easy Plug, Can Fan and Filters, Phillips, Lucalox, Lumatek, Hi-Par, Progrow, JB, Introgrow, Cultiv8, Sunmaster, Jungle Room, Homebox, Seahawk, Method 7, SMSCON, Aqua One, Rio and many more.

  • Stealth Garden

    Stealth Garden provides exclusive hydroponic technology to retailers across the country.

  • Canna

    CANNA produces high-quality plant fertilizers and substrates that grow the finest plants.

  • Holland Forge

    Holland Forge is Australia's largest wholesale distributor of hydroponics supplies and equipment.

  • WHG

    The Wholesale Horticultural Group produces the finest hydroponic nutrients, additives, and hardware.

  • Dome

    Dome Garden Supplies distributes hydroponic products to passionate growers worldwide.

  • Supreme Creations

    Through their cutting-edge nutrients, Bio Diesel is raising the quality of hydroponic produce.

  • SJ Enterprises

    Developed by their own chemist and plant physiologist, SJ Enterprises offers a range of superior products.

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