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Nutrifield Veg Ignitor

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Veg Ignitor contains a blend of kelp (seaweed), amino acids and nutrients to stimulate and support growth during the vegetative cycle.
Amino acids contain bio-available nitrogen (N) to support protein production, which is vital for the increased growth induced by the bio-stimulant kelp. The enhanced shoot and leaf formation provides a strong foundation for healthy and robust plant growth during the vegetative cycle.

Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® will induce rapid vegetative plant growth. The natural root stimulants, enzymes, and amino acids contained within Veg Ignitor® present optimal resources for your plants to facilitate rapid root establishment, nutrient uptake, & robust vegetative growth. Your plants will be stronger, capable of bearing more weight, and have substantial lateral branching due to the stimulated cell activity which Veg Ignitor® induces.