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Nutrifield Coco A&B

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Coco A&B is specifically formulated to get you optimum results in coco coir. All essential macro, secondary and micro nutrients are contained within our properly balanced formulation to ensure substantial quality yields from start to finish. This product has been thoroughly tested within our analytical laboratory and undergoes intensive quality assessments in practical testing situations before being released. Nutrifield Coco has been specifically engineered for use in coco coir to be a balanced and complete base nutrient system for your plants. This unique formulation provides everything plants need for rapid growth in coco mediums. By giving your plants the nutrients they need in the correct form, they no longer need to break down complex compounds and are able to focus their energy on rapid growth. NF Coco is high in Calcium which is essential for cell wall structure and also aids in the retention and distribution of other essential elements such as potassium. It also contains suspended Silica which prevents wilting and increases drought tolerance, humic acid which improves aeration and fluvic acid which breaks down complex minerals into their ionic form and chelates them to be readily plant available.

Dosage: Varies but used through the whole plant cycle