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Medium NF Coco Chips 50L

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Nutrifield Coco Chips Blend 50/50 50L RHP certified

50L / 13 Gal bag of RHP cert, washed & buffered coco coir medium 50% coco coir and 50% coco coir chips

Coco coir has long lasting physical properties as it is 45% cellulose which resists degrading. When combined with coco husk chips which contain high levels of lignin, the ultimate substrate combination is achieved. Nutrifield® Coco Premium Chips Blend 50/50 resist breaking down or compacting during use which ensures optimum conditions for your plants to thrive in. Nutrifield® Coco Premium Chips Blend 50/50 possess a unique moisture retaining capacity while offering ultimate drainage and maximum air porosity due to its open pore structure which aids in faster and more efficient nutrient uptake.