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Pro Grow – LED 100 W, 200 W, 300 W & 500 W UFO Pro Grow UFO LEDs blend top bin Samsung LM301H diodes with both Optimum red and far-red diodes (660 nm & 730 nm). The 730 nm far-red diode completes the Emmerson Effect in turn offering up to 10% more Quantum Yield than just red diodes alone. Efficacy comes in at over 2.1 µmols/J however Emmerson Effect lifts real world performance close to a 2.4 umols/j fixture (but with less heat). Pro Grow UFO LED’s emit 4,000 Kelvin full spectrum light with an industry leading CRI of 90. Coupled with ultra-reliable Optimum drivers, the die-cast aluminium housings offer cool, fan-less & totally silent operation. Extended reliability is assured with IP-55 water resistance, cleanable lenses making them completely safe to run ‘diodes facing up’ for under lighting. Diode counts are the highest in the industry, so we don’t need to over-drive our equipment to achieve maximum PPF. This also makes for cooler, more reliable LED fixtures with perfect colour rendition. 3 year warranty. µmol/s Total Diodes Samsung LM301H Diodes Red Far-red 100 W 210 304 288 14 2 200 W 420 608 576 28 4 300 W 620 912 864 42 6 500 W 1050 1520 1440 70 10