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LED Hortivision 720W Producer

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he new 2024 release Horti-Vision Producer provides more grams per watt! Ultra high efficiency, with optimised “HORTI-H” diodes for high yields and increased potency. This is an LED that will exceed grower expectations! A powerful 6x bar, foldable LED Horticultural fixture designed for vigorous vegetative and heavy yielding floral growth. Horti-Vision has earned a reputation for reliable, cost-effective performance in horticultural lighting.

The PRODUCER will comfortably cover 1.5 x 1.5m with sufficient PPFD for heavy fruiting and flowering results.

Dimmable from 360w – 500w – 630w -720w and compatible with our Horti-Vision Smart Controller.

Technical Specifications:

– 720w Full-Spectrum Horticultural LED
– HORTI-H (Horticultural) Diodes (4000k/6500k/660nm)
– Smart Remote Control compatibility
– Output: 2110umol/s
– Efficiency: 2.9umol/j
– 240v/50Hz with Australian plug
– 3 year warranty


Box Contents:
  1. HORTI-VISION 720W LED Fixture
  2. 720W LED Driver
  3. IEC Power Cord
  4. LED to LED Link Cable (RJ14 Network Cable)
  5. 8 x Expansion Screws
  6. 2 x Ballast Mounting Brackets
  7. 4 x Hangers