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Hyshield 1L

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HYSHIELD’s™ unique formula is derived from exoskeletons of crustaceans. Chitosan is extracted from crab shells which are a by-product of crab fisheries.

Essentially non-toxic, biocompatible, and biodegradable waste from the seafood industry, chitosan offers broad-spectrum disease and pathogen control by tricking plants into thinking they are being attacked by pests.

As a result of this perceived infestation, the plant’s immune system goes into protective mode.

In agriculture, HYSHIELD™ has been used in seed, leaf, fruit and vegetable sprays, and as fertilizer with astounding results.

Chitosan not only protects plants against harmful microorganisms, but it helps to increase plant productivity.

For you, this means a bigger yield and higher quality product come harvest.

When applied to crops as a foliar spray or drench, HYSHIELD™ increases your plant’s resilience to survive in high heat and cold stress environments.

HYSHIELD™ reduces transpiration without lowering plant functions which dramatically increases strike rates of cuttings.

HYSHIELD™ is compatible with all nutrients & supplement programs.