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Elide Fire Ball

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The Fire Ball by ELIDE FIRE is a innovative solution for automatically extinguishing fires, and when manually thrown into a fire, a simpler, quicker and safer way of tackling fires.

The Fire Ball is a 6 inch (150mm) diameter, lightweight ball weighing approximately 1.5kg (so light a child could use it). When activated by the flames of a fire, it will effectively disperse special extinguishing chemicals which are designed to put out fires quickly.


Unlike your fire extinguisher at home or work, with the  fire ball you do not need any training or technical knowledge on how to use it.  Simply pick it up and either roll it or throw it into the heart of the fire.  Within a few seconds the Fire Ball will explode dispersing special fire suppression chemicals designed to put out the fire instantly.

The benefits over a conventional fire extinguisher are obvious:

Safe - No need to get close to the fire
Easy to use - just roll or throw it into the fire
No training needed
No maintenance required - it has a shelf life of up to 5 years
Loud audible alarm of 140dB on activation
Lightweight - less than 1.5kg
Puts out all classes of fire such as electrical, solid materials like furniture and liquid fires such as petrol or oil.


When you are away from work or home, the Elide Fire Balls comes with a simple yet clever mounting frame so you can install or place the product on a table or over an oven or electrical compliance such as a domestic fridge.

The benefits over a conventional fire extinguisher:

Automatic activation - you do not need to be in attendance
Loud audible alarm of 140dB on activation
No Maintenance
No Training

The Fire Ball is manufactured by ELIDE FIRE

For further information please visit the Elide Fire Ball website at: