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Pure Crop 1

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PureCrop1 is a natural plant based stimulant made of food grade oils with a zero hazard or toxicity (OSHA) rating. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not required and PureCrop1 is safe to use at home around children and pets. Predominately made from Corn and Soybean oil, along with Soap, Gum and Citric Acid, Pure Crop 1 has advanced microbial technology which makes it an amazing (and "vegan") spider mite and mould control! Naturally safe for the planet, humans, animals and beneficial insects.

Available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 4L sizes.

Benefits of PureCrop1

  • Controls Mold & Mildew
  • Increases Plant Health due to advanced technology.
  • Reduces Plant Stress
  • 7 Plant Based Ingredients
  • Naturally Safe for Kids & Pets

Directions of Use for PureCrop1

Mixing Pure Crop 1 

  1. Fill a spray bottle or mixing jug with with fresh, clean water.
  2. Add PureCrop1 concentrate with a syringe or pipette.
  3. Shake or stir.
  4. Spray or use as a root drench. 

Dilution Rate

  • For Pest/Mold/Mildew Control - 1%-2% solution every week (15ml per litre of water).
  • For maintenance, 7ml per litre of water once a week.
  • Use as your dormant spray at 1L per 200 litre of water with other chemicals, or 1L per 400L of water by itself.
  • Apply less product and achieve better results.

Tip for PureCrop application - the longer PureCrop1 is on the plant, the higher the efficacy rate. Accordingly, it's best to spray either early morning or late afternoon as the formula quickly dries when sprayed in direct sunlight or heat.

If there is rain forecast, apply a foliar spray on your plants at least two hours before rainfall to protect them from pest, mold, or mildew and reduce yield loss. Rainfast within 2 hours, PureCrop1 defends the integrity of your crop through the storm.


Beneficial bacteria and PureCrop1

Thanks to the delicate yet powerful formula, PureCrop1 does not harm beneficial bacteria like BT or bacillus thuringiensis. BT and PureCrop1 have similar modes of action - they both work together to protect the anchor spots mold and mildew attach to, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. You can mix PureCrop1 with BT. However, we do suggest a rotation of microbial/biopesticides with regular intervals of PureCrop1 applications.

If you plan to use the two together in your IPM, mix Bacillus Thuringiensis well with a 0.5% dilution of PureCrop1. This is a good rate when mixing with any type of biological or microbial product.


Using Pure Crop1 as a Root Drench

Use PureCrop1 at 0.5% v/v solution for root drenches. That means for 1L you would only need 5mL of PureCrop1. If 0.5% doesn't eliminate the problem, you can use up to 1% v/v (10ml for 1L).

We recommend mixing up enough product to thoroughly soak the medium and let it run out the bottom for the best results. One idea you could try is mixing PureCrop1 in 2L batches when applying for the first time. You might need to do a few batches at that size, but this might be a better way to make sure you don't make a batch that's too big.


Damping off and Fusarium wilt in seedlings

Use a dilution rate of 2.5ml per litre (0.25% v/v rate of PureCrop1) to help control damping off and fusarium. Don't go over this amount as it could be in a high enough concentration and will affect the stems.